We help employers turn industry obligations into marks of distinction.

Fewer industries are more exposed to change and uncertainty than Australia’s mining and resources sector. Imbalances between the supply and demand for minerals, fluctuating currencies and changes to policies, regulations, taxes, leaders and governments all shape the sector. Yet among its largest challenges is the need to attract and retain staff across all levels. In a sector characterised by change, it’s how employers leverage the few constants available to them that ultimately sets them apart.


Three major constants for any company operating in this sector are

  • A disparate and highly mobile workforce
  • Mandatory superannuation and
  • A hazardous workplace environment.

We focus on building sector-specific, company-focused investment solutions aimed to build and protect wealth of resource industry employees over the short, medium and longer terms. By mixing good advice with reputable products we help grow and protect company efficiency, productivity and employee wealth.

Our Solution

Resource Super is dedicated to constructing low cost, custom-built superannuation and employee benefit fund solutions for the Australian resources industry.
Resource Super offers a powerful mix of advice, product knowledge and understanding of what matters most to mining and resource industry companies and employees when it comes to superannuation and member protection.
Drawing on our good relationships with product providers and extensive experience building financial structures for companies and individuals, we tailor corporate super and employee benefits packages to reflect the needs of companies and their employees.

How We Help Employers

We empower companies to construct, brand and distribute corporate retirement planning packages to their workforce, helping them turn superannuation and employee benefit fund solutions into marks of employer distinction.

How We Help Employees

One of the greatest advantages of corporate super for employees is the access to wholesale rates and the additional cost savings achieved after Resource Super negotiates best product rates with manufacturers.