Get an Expert Medical Opinion


As a Resource Super member you and your family* get complimentary access to Best Doctors, putting you in touch with leading medical specialists who can review your diagnosis and treatment plan through assessment of your medical records.

You also get access to expert assistance in answering ad-hoc medical questions. It’s important to know that this service is independent and your information is not shared with Resource Super or your insurer.

When you need answers, Best Doctors can help.

Access expert guidance

Your advocate clinician is with you every step of the way, coordinating your review by a team of specialists.

Experience collaborative care

We work with your existing physician to finalize a clear diagnosis and the treatment plan that’s right for you.

Which Medical Conditions?

Everything from back pain and sports injuries to chronic diseases and life-threatening illnesses.

A team of experts on your side

50,000 world-renowned specialists

450 specialties and subspecialties

What’s the process?

When you call Best Doctors you’ll be connected with one of their medical team who will work with you to understand your condition and what your concerns are. They’ll then collect your medical records, assign the most appropriate specialist from around the world and perform an in-depth review of your condition. You’ll then receive an easy to read expert report that outlines the expert findings on your diagnosis and treatment options.

*Family includes: Resource Super member, partners, children, parents and parents-in-law are all eligible for Best Doctors.

^ Does not include services for emergencies or pregnancy