Resource Super is Australia’s specialist provider of superannuation and insurance solutions for people working in the resources sector.

We tailor employer plans that aim to enhance the financial wellbeing of our members. We do this by delivering financial education and support to enhance the financial wellbeing our members and to help them better prepare for the future. As part of your company negotiated superannuation and employee benefits package we can offer you discounts on banking products, gym memberships, movie tickets, accommodation, flights and magazine subscriptions.

Learn more about the how of a tailored Resource Super super and benefits package can help you:

Enhanced ability to recruit and retain staff
Resource Super assists employers build plans to attract valuable employees, as well as motivate and retain them. This can enable an organisation to create a more productive and positive work environment.
Improved operational efficiency
Resource Super helps employers save time and costs associated with administering the company’s superannuation and employee benefits program by incorporating all solutions with a secure central clearing-house facility.
Stronger corporate branding and employee engagement
Our customised superannuation and employee benefit plans provide an effective and strategic mechanism to improve communication and engagement with your workforce, across all divisions, levels and sites
Reduction in the Total Cost of Employment
Providing a range of non-salary benefits for employees can reduce employee turnover and therefore decrease recruitment and training costs, minimizing the total cost of employment for the employer.
Improved Corporate Responsibility
A Resource Super-constructed corporate employee package can provide workers and their families financial protection by incorporating adequate income protection that fits the employee’s risk profile.