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All you need is your member number. Simply hover over the Register tab on the top right of our home page and click on the member register button. Then simply follow the prompts and you are up and running.

At Resource Super we can provide general advice at any time; or if you want more personal targeted financial advice we can arrange for you to talk directly to one of our trusted advisers  who can help you make decisions with your money that will help you reach your financial goals now and into retirement.

You can check your Superannuation balance by either logging into your own secure online page through the Resource Super Home Page or on the Russell Investments App. Alternately just give us a call on 1800 824 227

You can review your insurance benefits by either logging into your own secure online page through the Resource Super Home Page or on the Russell Investments App. Alternately just give us a call on 1800 824 227

When you consider supporting your family, there are two considerations, creating wealth and protecting wealth. Firstly, it is important to know where you’re at in terms of both those considerations, your wealth and what protection you have in place.

What are your assets, what are your debts, and importantly, what insurance do you hold to protect yourself and your family. There are three types of insurance available within the superannuation, Death, Total and Permanent Disability and Income Protection. So why don’t you start the fact find, and start to consider where there might be shortfalls.

Albert Einstein is believed to have said that the power of compound interest is one of the most powerful forces in the universe.  There are two major levers you can pull when trying to grow your superannuation.  How much goes in, and where it’s invested.  The compulsory employer contribution is currently 9.5%, it is proposed to increase to 12%.  Many economists believe that Australians might need as much as 15% of their salary going into superannuation to have a healthy retirement.  By sacrificing some of your salary, you can contribute to your superannaution in pre-tax dollars and boost your nest egg, whilst saving some income tax as well.

Assuming you don’t have any of your super fund detail at home, (or even if you do) the best thing to do is take advantage of our online super search service. We have the latest technology when it comes to tracking down your super (SuperMatch2 ). It allows you to search for your super online, get the results in seconds, then request to consolidate your accounts, simply by ticking a box. If you have not registered for online access, click on the login button at the top right of our site, select, register for online access, and follow the prompts. If you get stuck for any reason, feel free to give us a call.

The short answer is yes. This can be an effective strategy to build wealth in your superannuation. There are a few considerations that you need to be aware of, just the same. Firstly, this needs to be structured within a Self-managed superannuation fund (which is something we can assist in establishing). The other important consideration is that you can not live in the property you purchase. The purchase needs to be as an investment only and needs to be ‘’at arms length’’. This means, not even any family can live in it. The final thing to consider is that you will need to have a reasonable account balance in order to make this work from a financial perspective. Typically banks will require at least a 30% deposit in order to loan you the remainder of the purchase price. Please feel free to contact us if you wish to discuss the benefits of Self-managed superannuation.