Small differences in both investment performance and fees and costs can have a substantial impact on your long-term returns.





Low fees with Resouce Super means more money in your pockets.

MySuper fees applicable from 1 May 2018.

Type of fee or costGross Amount
Administration Fee

$1.50 per week ($78.00 p.a.)


0.58% p.a. of your account balance

The actual amount deducted from your account is $1.28 per week ($66.30 p.a.) plus 0.493% of your account balance after the Trustee passes on the tax deductions to you.

If you are part of an Employer Plan, you may have reduced fees. To view specific details of your Employer Plan, log in to your super account.  

Investment Fee

0.36% p.a. of your account balance

Estimated Indirect Costs

0.42% p.a. of your account balance

This includes an estimated performance related fee and is already accounted for in the unit price of your investment options. 

Advice Fees

We do not charge you for general and simple personal advice relating to your interests in Resource Super.