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Resource sector specialists

We’re invested in Australia’s resource sector

We believe in Australia’s resource sector and its people. We invest in the businesses that make it happen, this includes the mining companies that employ so many Australians and contribute to our country’s ongoing prosperity. We also offer services and solutions that take into account the lifestyle and circumstances of employees working in mining and resources.

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Member benefits

Super that’s made to benefit you

Resource Super members enjoy benefits that take into account the realities of working in the mining and resource sector. That includes onsite educational sessions, ongoing member support and often the potential for higher levels of insurance cover working in what is perceived as a high-risk environment.  

Member Benefits
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Investing for your future

As a Resource Super member, your super will be invested in the GoalTracker® (MySuper) Investment Option, unless you make another choice.

The GoalTracker® Investment Option invests your super based on your age, through a diversified portfolio invested across a range of asset classes.

When you’re younger, your investment strategy will have a higher allocation to growth assets to help grow your super balance. To help protect your savings as you approach retirement, your allocation to defensive assets will increase.

So, whether you’re a hands-on investor or you’d like us to manage your super, we offer a range of world-class investment options to help you achieve your retirement goals.

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+ 12.29 %

GoalTracker® performance for members under 50

01/07/2023 to 30/06/2024

Here when you need us

We know gruelling swings, long hours and remote locations don’t always lend themselves to traditional customer service. So we’re committed to being available when other super providers aren’t.

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Why Resource Super

We’re committed to helping Australians working in the resource sector live the retirement they deserve.

Invested in Your industry

We support the industry that supports you.
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Personal Service

We understand you work irregular hours, so we visit your site and make it easy for you to contact us.
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Global Expertise

We’re backed by the scale, security and global investment expertise of Russell Investments.
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Innovative Solutions

We provide you with award winning solutions to help you manage your super.
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Member support and education

Education and support

As a Resource Super member, we offer support and education to help you reach your retirement goals. We visit remote sites to support our members on how to maximise their super. We also provide online articles and resources to help you understand your options and make better financial and super decisions.

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What our members say about Resource Super

What sets Resource Super apart is its unwavering dedication to meeting the diverse needs of its members. Whether it's retirement planning, investment advice, Resource Super is always there to provide support and guidance.

Moti, QLD

Member since 2017.

I am extremely satisfied with Resource Super’s customer service. They are responsive, knowledgeable, and always go the extra mile to assist. Trustworthy partner for managing my retirement funds.

Tania, QLD

Member since 2023.

I’m really pleased with how my super has been tracking since joining the fund a few years ago and I really appreciate that Resource Super make themselves available to meet with me in person.

Cam, WA

Member since 2016

Switch to the super fund that understands the resource sector

Discover why we’re the natural choice for Australians working in the resource sector.


Resource Super FAQs

Discover the answers to some of the most common questions people ask us. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can contact us directly via our contact form or at

The resource sector operates differently from many other industries, with employment practices such as fly in/fly out working, labour-hire and contracting more prevalent. It also often carries a level of risk that’s different from many other sectors.
We understand how the resource sector works and strive to make sure our offers meet the needs of the industry’s employers and employees.
This includes offering the potential for high levels of insurance, travelling onsite to remote locations to offer financial literacy and super workshops, and giving employees the opportunity to access the award-winning of GoalTracker® program.

Click ‘Join Resource Super’ at the top of the page. We’ll ask you to complete a short application, which includes the details of your existing super fund(s).

Before you combine your super, you should find out about any entitlements or insurance cover that might stop when you close your other account/s.

If you already have an account with Resource Super and you want your new employer to start paying the employer super contributions into this account, it’s super easy.

When your employer provides you with an  ATO Standard Choice Form, you can complete it by adding our fund details and your account details.

Continuing with Resource Super may also mean you don’t have to go through any underwriting to get insurance cover (which may be a requirement when joining a new super fund).

You may be eligible for automatic insurance that is aligned to the industry you work in when you join Resource Super through an employer. You can also apply for insurance cover if you switch to us as an individual.

We also understand you may wish to keep your current level of insurance through another super fund when you switch. We can assist with an insurance transfer to your Resource Super account.

You can also maintain your insurance in your existing account. However, if you stop making contributions to your super fund or reduce your balance does not meet the required premium, your insurance cover may cease. So, if you want to keep your current insurance cover in place when switching to us, make sure you contact your current super provider so you comply with their minimum requirements for ongoing coverage.

Insurance fees, that are not paid by your employer, may erode your retirement benefit. You should consider whether you hold similar insurance cover elsewhere, either within another fund or outside super, and the impact of holding multiple insurance covers (such as duplicate insurance fees, over protection, or Income Protection policies offsetting so only one of the policies will payout).

Please submit your details to start the membership registration process.